• Together we are stronger

    Three strong sectors of Turkey are now together...

    5 karınca fkb
  • Meet the advantages of the Financial Leasing

    Finance your investment property by financial leasing, benefit from  many advantages.

    Finansal Kiralamanın avantajlarıyla tanışın
  • Factoring grinds the wheels of commerce!

    Take guarantee services for your domestic and international sales, accelerate cash flow, increase your risk control and grow in international markets more easily and safely.

    Faktoring ticaretin çarklarını döndürür!
  • All kinds of goods and services financing

    Purchase of all kinds of goods and services for your commercial or personal needs; at the point of sale, fast, flexible and tailored financing facilities.

    Her türlü mal ve hizmet finansmanı

The Association of Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies is a professional organization in the nature of a public institution being formed as a legal entity in accordance with the relevant Articles of the Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies Law dated 21.11.2012 with the number 6361.