Central Invoice Record

Central Invoice Record System Is The Service Providing The Recording Of The Information And/Or Statements Of Assigned Receivables Of The Factoring Companies And The Banks To A Common System And Consolidation, Control Of Repetitions And Reporting.

The System Is Established Regarding The Financial Leasing, Factoring, Financing and Saving Financing Companies Law, Article 43, In Order To Protect The Members Of The Afi From Possible Damage That May Arise From The Repeated Assigned Receivables. Our Association Has Negotiated With Credit Bureau Systems Inc. To Establish Central Invoice Record And Has Performed Necessary Software, Systems And Infrastructure Installation.

Members Using The Service, Can Make Queries And Reporting By Reaching The Record Pool. For This, Members Can Use The Portal By Means Of The Web Service That They Have Improved Or By Accessing The Portal Through Our Web Site.

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