Establishment And Statute

The Association of Financial Institutions is a professional organization in the nature of a public institution being formed as a legal entity in accordance with the relevant Articles of the Leasing, Factoring, Financing and Saving Financing Companies Law dated 21.11.2012 with the number 6361. As of the corporate structure, it is the umbrella organization of Financial Leasing, Factoring, Financing, Asset Management and Saving Financing sectors’ union, being included in all three channels consisting of the production, sales and consumption of Turkey's economy.

According to the regulations implemented with the relevant law, the duties and powers of the Association are as follows:

a) To ensure development of the profession, to improve unity and solidarity of members, to make education, introduction and research activities;

b) To ensure relevant work and studies in accordance with the needs of economy within the discipline required by the profession and the member's union, given to identify the principles of the profession.

c) To identify professional principles and standards to be observed by the members,

d) To announce the members any measures requested to be taken by the decision of the authority in accordance with relevant legislation,

e) To take and implement all necessary measures to prevent unfair competition between its members,

f) To determine the principles and conditions that the members have to follow for their announcements and advertisements in terms of their type, shape, nature and amount,

g) To file lawsuits in accordance with board decisions for matters concerning the common interests of members,

h) To ensure cooperation among members for joint projects,

i) It is in duty and authorized to fulfill other duties named in this Law.

Relevant Legislation;