e-Transformation Applications

End to End Service in e-Transformation is under the guarantee of FKB

It is possible to easily and quickly manage all e-transformation applications that provide saving of labor force, time and cost and increase total quality and make the financial data accessible in electronic environment under FKB guarantee.

In addition to the e-Invoice, e-Archive and e-Ledger services that we offer as a Private Integrator, your electronic invoices and electronic archive documents are stored digitally by FKB during the legal period thanks to our e-Storage service.

e-The companies that want to carry out e-Transformation processes under FKB guarantee, may start to experience the advantage of end to end service through our e-portal in the most practical way.

For details related to the platform and application you can call 0850 733 2 352 or you can submit us your details by filling out the form on the Contact Us tab below for us to contact you.

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